Some Questions you may have:
What is a session like?
Who can be helped with this work?
How many sessions will I need?
How much will it cost and how long does a session take?
Do you take insurance?

What is a session like?

I recommend that you wear very loose and comfortable clothing. You’ll keep your clothes on and lay on a massage table on your back. The room is private and completely geared to your comfort. You’ll hear a soothing fountain and music playing in the background.

Sessions are as individual and diverse as my clients. I may work at your feet or torso or head during the session. Your session one day might be very relaxing and you may “float” through the entire time, barely noticing anything and staying still. Another day, you might find yourself alert and talkative, notice different sensations in your body, change positions during the session, or express emotions.

Occasionally during a session, you will recall a past trauma or shock as your body releases the energy in the body that’s associated with this event in your life. It is a natural occurrence and is termed: Somato-Emotional Release (SER). I often combine Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) with SER. HCT is a very gentle way to dialogue and come to resolution with past traumas while honoring your “Inner Wisdom.” Clients can experience tremendous physical and emotional relief from this experience.

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Who can be helped from this work?
Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) and Somato Emotional Release (SER) enhances the body’s natural healing processes and is effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction, including:

Migraine Headaches
Chronic Neck and Back Pain
Motor-Coordination Impairments
Central Nervous System Disorders
Orthopedic Problems
Learning Disabilities
Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)
Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
Emotional Difficulties
Stress and Tension-Related Problems
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Infantile Disorders
Chronic Fatigue

This work is so very gentle that it makes it a perfect therapy for infants and children as well as adults.

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How many sessions will I need?
Of course everyone is different, so I can not tell you exactly how many treatments you would need. I like to hold the intention that after one session you will feel completely better! This has been known to happen! It can take up to a full week after a session to feel its full effects and changes. Sometimes the changes are subtle and sometimes they are dramatic. For one person it might take only one session, for someone else it might take many.

I can usually tell within about four sessions whether I think that I can help you or not.

If not, by then I can also have a good idea of who to refer you to. It is my belief that different modalities work for different people at different times. I don’t profess to have the miracle therapy that works for everyone. However, I’ve studied many different therapies in my career and I’ve chosen to focus on CST because I’ve seen such dramatic improvement in my life and the lives of so many others as a direct result of this remarkable work.

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How much will it cost and how long does a session take?
I charge $110 per session.
Sessions are usually about 45 minutes in length.

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Do you take Insurance?
I can bill insurance for Workman’s Compensation (as a certified massage therapist) under Massage Therapy. Unfortunately, there is not an insurance code for CranioSacral Therapy at this time.

For accident victims, I require payment at the time of service, but will be happy to provide any documents and/or records so you can be fully reimbursed for sessions by your insurance company.

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